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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What Does It Want To Be?

I have found that there are some projects which have a mind of their own.  No matter how I try to force the piece into what I want it to be it just doesn't happen.  A case in point is the necklace I am currently working on.  Here is my inspiration.  It comes from  I love the colors and the lines.  I am not trying to duplicate the necklace but to make one that has the same graceful feel. 

I put this necklace together and took it apart so many times.  I just can't get it to hang right.  Here is my latest attempt to put it together.  Obviously I don't have the same graceful flow.  It is more square in its lines.  So does this necklace want to stay the way it is or does it want me to redo it again?  How big does it want to be?  It had better start talking soon or I am going on to another project and give it time to think.

I have been doing a beading group with some friends.  Between their globe trotting and my health issues we haven't been together for close to a year.  I get a walking boot on my foot on the 29th.  We are going to get together on the first.  It will be so good to do something normal.  The green beads in this necklace are ones Helen brought me from Beijing.

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