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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Working on March

Kay Adams
I have been working on March's necklace for two months now.  This is an important necklace to me because it honors the incredible support of friends and family during the last year.  My image in my head was a bright, outrageous, colorful necklace with hearts and hands.   I have started so many different versions and taken them out again.  Nothing matched my vision.  Then I stumbled across the work of Kay Adams.  She is an antique dealer from Richmond, VA and does these outrageous, wonderful, layered necklaces. 

Finally, something that matched my vision.  I am almost finished but am waiting on some additional hearts.  I ended up not having enough after I decided to go with her style.  Here is what I have so far.  I was showing it to some friends when we went out to eat this week.  The waiter said it looked like I had raided King Solomon's Mines.  I liked it so that is the temporary name.  I have more hearts and hands to put on it to make it rich and totally awesome.
King Solomon's Mine

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